Log aksar humse kehte hai.
Tumhe kabhi pyaar nahi hua na.
Isiliye tum samaj nahi sakhoge humara dard.

Hum bhi sirf muskura dete hai.

Abh in baccho ko kon samjayega,
jis raste me tum aaj khade ho.
Us raste ko humne kabh ka chod diya hai.



People always wish that they want to be like me.
I don’t have any tension, I’m a cool person, i never think before doing anything.
But deep inside only I know that
I’m that most saddest person they ever meet.
I’m the most depressed person they ever meet.
The most over thinker who killing himself from from inside.


Life is like a local train
Every stations come as a situation
Train doesn’t wait for long time
It continuously Changes the station as our situation or problems…

[Moral of the story]
If you had a bad day(don’t b sad)it doesn’t means
that your are unlucky
The stations will change (your days will change)
and a new day will come.